About Dream Capital

Dream Capital is a Private Venture Capital company, based in Victoria, which as an Angel Investor is looking to add value through the investment of both capital and business skills into each of our selected investments. Our philosophy is that the investment is the beginning of a partnership through which we can leverage the resources of both sides.

Our main focus of investment is on established companies looking to grow. While we have been involved with a number of startups, our preference is for you to have already established your minimum viable product and tested the market.

    "There are roughly 28 million firms in the US, of which only 4% ever reach more than $1 million in revenue. Of those firms, only about one out of 10, or 0.4% of all companies, ever make $10 million in revenue. ...Data indicates that there are similar ratios in other countries." - Verne Hamish, Scaling Up.
    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, Jun 2011 to Jun 2015) as at June 2015, only 7.8% of businesses exceed $2 million in turnover.

This just goes to highlight the difficulties that every entrepreneur faces when trying to grow their business. With growth comes new challenges and in today's competitive environment companies need investors who can add significant value in addition to financing.

Dream Capital will normally be involved either directly or as a mentor in any business that they invest in. Dream Capital's team is made up of professionals with extensive marketing, operational and management experience. We understand the many needs and challenges of growing companies and have a track record of providing the guidance and resources required to achieve the dream.


Our Core Values

To allow us to build on our solid reputation of reliability, integrity and performance, we have established a set of values that drive our business each and every day:


We demonstrate a genuine passion for the investments we are involved in.


We give everything we commit to 100% until we succeed.


To always speak the truth. What we promise is what we deliver.


Good enough isn’t. We always look for ways to do more with less and stay on a path of constant and never ending improvement and innovation.


If a challenge arises, we always look to the system for a solution.


We focus on co-operation and always come to a resolution, not a compromise.