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Stage of Investment:- Business Expansion

Webfleet was a Revolutionary Web-based Fleet Management System which was accessible 24/7 via the internet with no additional hardware, external systems or databases required. It provided instant availability of real-time information, when, where, and how our customers required it.

Webfleet’s state-of-the-art database technology delivered optimum performance with high speed. Naturally, data security, data backup and data redundancy were key factors in Webfleet’s data management procedures. Through our comprehensive system and innovations we have achieved for our clients: increased efficiencies, increased cost savings, reduction in asset costs, as well as increasing their knowledge base for sound management decisions.

Some of The Innovations Delivered By Webfleeet Include:-

  • Online Tendering Module

    Webfleet implements an innovative process in reference to motor vehicle acquisitions and disposals. Where appropriate, Webfleet conducts a competitive vehicle tender via the internet utilising our unique Webfleet Online Tender Module.

    This process is similar to an online auction for disposal of vehicles. Lower costs can be achieved through opening the supply network to a larger number of vehicle suppliers ensuring the most competitive vehicle acquisition and long term sustainable process

  • Online Pool Vehicle Booking Module

    The Online Vehicle Booking Module will manage and optimise your fleet by tracking, recording and reporting on your fleets’ movements and associated costs. This will help provide customers with utilisation efficiencies, fleet reduction opportunities, and consequently, asset cost reductions.

    The Webfleet Key Box technology will provide customers accurate utilisation data for tracking and reporting.

  • Online FBT Module

    This module caters for both the Statutory and Operating Cost methods, generates all calculations and determines the lowest cost per vehicle between the two methods. The system also generates the Vehicle FBT Report and the Employee Payment Summary, as well as providing valuable real time FBT tracking reports. This module will help customers manage and reduce FBT liabilities and saving them both time and money.

  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities

    The Webfleet system provides exceptional information and knowledge base for good fleet management and sound management decisions. Our system generates a range of automated reports including performance dashboards, exception reports, as well as access to a report generator for specific and timely customised reports.

  • Extensive Experience within a wide range of Industries & Industry Sectors

    Webfleet boasts a diverse customer base that includes health, education, local government, not-for-profit and corporate sectors.

    We have a unique understanding of the organisational complexities, cultural aspects, reporting accountabilities, operational challenges and the political factors related to each specific industry and sector. This means that we will be able to respond to customer needs and requirements in a speedy, efficient and effective manner.

  • Seamless Implementation & Integration

    Webfleet’s proven implementation process will ensure a seamless and pain-free rollout of services. This process includes constructive consultation, execution of a needs analysis, comprehensive implementation plan, a training plan, a communications plan, and the key steps, actions and timeline required for the data migration and other key actions in the process.

Webfleet was renowned for working cooperatively with customers. Many of our innovations have been customer driven to meet specific customer needs and objectives. Webfleet worked closely with customers to develop Key Performance Indicators focusing on both Financial Performance and Process Management.

ASX listed Smart Group purchased the business and Webfleet has now been re-branded as Smartfleet Australia.